Saturday, July 26, 2008

Life is love?Or love is life?

Amazingly,humans,upon conception,who actually spends a certain period of time as a single cell would actually one day be a multicellular complex organism with countless specialized cells of which would actually be 'conquered',if not largely,a fair portion of their life by one complex emotion which we all know as ''L-O-V-E''

From young we've already been surrounded by LOVE LOVE LOVE....!!How could we even miss that!Right in front of our noses all the time & the time for us to be so called 'matured enough' to realize what & how love is...Well!!By that time,only when our LOVE is towards that special someone,that special non-blood or family-related one,then we'll notice,cherish & understand what actually is love.Why are we so damn idiot or izit just me?Being in that situations more often than not,sucks!Not that i'm saying that getting into romance too early or at a certain 'unoportune time' is really,in fact,sickening,but...why can't we experience all these agonies & suferrrings when we were being loved by our own parents & families so early before?I mean..would we get use to such feelings of lost & loneliness that we would experience in romance and so making our undertakings in our far-apart-relationship less aching & sufferings?

Why is love one of the most puzzling thing that even the experts has questionable thoughts on it?Is love something everyone would experience or instinctively will get involved with as he or she gets all matured?What about those 'lone rangers' out there?Have they felt that feeling before?Why does love means the yolking of two of once unknown individuals so much so that they're inseperable?What strong bonds!Sometimes it just makes my brain go wild thinking of all those funny worthless questions....
At the end of the day you'll stop a while & think it over & saying like,"Hei!Is all this worth our short, unexpected life here on this planet earth?"
Readers,you find out for yourself.Answers & the emotions experienced might defer from the kind of relationship you're in but,once you've found THE ONE,you won't be stepping on the ground i tell you..OK,I'm over exaggerating but that's just how it's like.
I've been so amazed with this new emotion that i have right now..I've no intentions of cutting this kite's string loose just to only bring greater misery for me & ....,but instead i'll!We'll be always be there for each other ad infinitum...
Welp.....enough of all ya'll out there who's in similar waters,Hei!!!be strong!!especially to strong!


Friday, July 25, 2008

I'm Back!!!!!

Its Friday again!!Another weekend has come!Its realy fast now that I think of it..Man!One hell of a week!This week's slightly bussier..with more assignments coming in...

Well!Cut the crap!actually,i've got nothing much to say now..nothing much to share in

Here's some photos..that'l be doing all the 'talking'....

my drinks again!its friday again!

Alamanda cafe.should be the best cafe in unimas or at least at our new campus!

From alamanda college walking towards our fsts faculty...

Sakura college housing purely female species only of homosapiens...hmmm..hei,Carrie's one of them!!haha

<-- walking towards lecture hall to the left.On the right is good 'ol FSTS faculty!Straight up?Oso duno apa ke benda....hmmm..

(below)_Pohonmas Cafe!Not too bad at all

huh?Our version of Starbucks..

Tents in front of our lecture building..Cool!!Gonna ve something going on soon!!!

<== Straight up-Lecture building aka CTF1

Friday, July 18, 2008

Hello there everybody....

I'm new at this....I just hope my blog would be a general one,inclusive of our everyday live...anything I think that is beneficial and informative to all you readers out there....
HEI....!!!I'm new at this....Hope you all will bear with my boring stuffs at the begining...hope to give the best infos once i've got the hang of READING........
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