Thursday, September 25, 2008

Good friends, lousy day

Sick!!I’m injured!! At about six something in the afternoon of a should-be hopeful and fun Wednesday because it’s ‘senggang’ time aka time for sports and club activities aka co-curricular activity time.. It all started on a cheerful, sunny afternoon when all of a sudden the tables turned and it rained, smirred. Being in my room doing nothing waiting for that ‘happy hour’, I was so eager,eager to go out and loose some sweat and have some fun with the guys when all of a sudden it rained and seems as if all hopes have lost. Fortunately, the rain stopped at just the right minute, 1643 hrs, which gave me an unseemingly glorious, momentous day for me. Well, really a momentous day as you can see later...haiz... So it all went well. I met my friends, Kim Loong and Kim Hua and waited for the bus that’ll drive us from our apartment, Bunga Raya college, to the nearest bus stop from our basketball court which is just in front of Sakura college. I should’ve seen it coming. We went there with no seniors at sight. No basketball(s) even! we waited with the girls for the ball and at last! The ball came! Damn excited we were..!! Started a game straight away with no we played until our president came and later on the gals asked the president to take the ball from us for they needed two balls for passing and lay-up practice. So we ended up playing half way with no ball to continue. Luckily a fellow ballmate from Allamanda College, just nearby, said he does have a ball and is currently with his friends at Allamanda ballcourt. So we kinda ‘asked’ him something he had no chance to reject, that is to take the ball here or either ask his friends to join us play. Of course his friends did not come but we didn’t care much for the BALL was our main interest!! Muahaha.. So we continued playing...and....well, this is the part...Really a momentous day for me...Sickeningly, *&^%$#@#$%^&*, unfortunate day for me!!! Wanting to alley-oop, I SpRaInEd my ankle!! Oh man.. Looking at it instantly going from flat and normal to.....well...swollen...haiz...

Limping my whole way from the court to the bus stand, into the bus, out from the bus, up the stairs to my right leg...big gigantic swell...scary....I ye.. Left leg also sore for I relied entirely on my left leg to support my weight..Aiks!! 70++ kg on me friends’ shoulder..!! Man, they must’ve sore shoulders i guess...So sorry guys...Thanks so much...!!!! Man!! Honestly... I’ve gotta thank this two find guys and friends, Kim Loong and Kim Hua, from Cheras and Sibu respectively.

Kim Loong sacrificed his dinner date with his ‘sister’ to accompany Kim Hua to accompany me, becoming my ‘tongkat’ all the way to my room! And Kim Hua, seemingly as if nothing is more important than just being with me being my ‘tongkat’ for the night!Help me ‘da bao’ rice somemore.. Fine guys they are.. Fine friends indeed.. Man... Thanks guys!!! I owe ya’ll... And so the day after my unlucky sprain, my feet swelled as of a corpse’s feet, dead for a few days already... I ye....Yucks..scary.. I also feel scared..

few days after my unlucky accident,well, my 'leg' expanded even more as if I had elephant's leg! Oh man..see the dents? that's my finger print, indent on my swollen feet..lasting for about 5 sec before getting to normal..hmmm..haha...

Luckily now much better already.. HAiz...tough luck

Laksa Laksa Laksa...

Laksa!!!!Laksa!!! Unimas’ Laksa...this one not bad la...well,at least better then water tower cafe’s laksa..Totally don’t look and taste like laksa...this time, me and louis went to TAZ college’s (Tun Ahmad Zaidi college) cafe for a go of their version of laksa and, well, not so nice of course but stil ok la for ‘UNIMAS standard’. Soup kau kau. Plenty of coconut milk I guess. Laksa smell not strong enough though. Gigantic prawn as you can see but prawn not that fresh. ‘Beehoon’ as hard and stiff as wire! Served not hot somemore. Perhaps that’s why not that nice. Generous portion given though, costing 4 bucks lei...But filling enough even for me...

Ps: Soly ha annie...kek lu ki...:-D hahaha ..

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I’m so grateful...I’m so lucky... to have such a good roommate! Unlike @#$%%#, my friend... So pity..hahaha...have a roommate so ngiao de.. and dirty somemore...eeee... their room smelling of onion...I ye...the cardboard box..gotta be contaminated with onions..i ye..cant that person smell it? Doesn’t that makes the room smell yucky and uncomfortable living in it? Eeee...Not only the smell, But the hygiene... Oh man.. my goodness..You’ve gotta love this...wanna have a look?

Spots of blood..on towel..i ye..!!
So lucky my roommate is so clean tolerant.. so nice...unlike @#$%^&*’s.....hehehe...


At last I'm not lonely anymore!! At last... BAck!! hehe... Cherish the moment...hmmm...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tiniest doggy...?

Hei!!!there’s a print on my onion! Dog’s paw print on my onion!!! Walauuu small punya anjing?

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Moon Cake Festival@Carpenter street..

So long all this while..I've been at Kuching for so long..but have never even photo-ed carpenter street and the moon cake festival held here...
Today, at last, I've taken the liberty to do some photo taking and here are some of what seems to be interesting... and fancy?..Well..

The arch of Harmony as the name is given..

Some uncles and 'kong kong' playing traditional chinese musics using traditional chinese musical instruments.. I also duno what they are called..haha..Thanks for the music grand dads...

At another section, malay aunties and nenek 'rapping' their traditional performances...really gotta give it up for their sportsmanship...hmmm...Terima kasih Wahai nenek nenek sekalian..hehe...

and the coolest cotton candy making... sudah famous also la in Kuching.

Watch the video below and you'll know why they're so famous..haha.

Brain teasers #5

Love to live for love is life for some and life is love for others. Loving life is what some have only, for their loving of their life while living is actually the only love they have while living in this lovingly lovable life of theirs. Life is love for them in this life, for living another live without loving life now would leave their live loveless in their life at this present life of theirs.


Life is full of surprises and unexpected things might happen at anytime while you're actually enjoying your life at it's fullest. Get the chance to try things new and things that are good. Express yourself out whenever you can, while you still have the chance. Shyness is a big matter for some but take the courage! You might regret for your whole life if you keep those 'things' that you actually feel but because of shyness holding you back, you missed out expressing yourself.
Appreciate what you have day you might not have even one single chance to do that....

Friday, September 12, 2008

Brain teasers #4

Are you thinking what I think you're thinking about which I think I know what you're thinking which I'm pretty sure what you're thinking about that what you're thinking is what I'm thinking about?
What you're thinking might not be what I'm thinking which I know you might think that what you think is what I'm thinking which actually might not be what I'm thinking which again, might also be what I'm thinking about for what I'm thinking about could very well be what you're thinking about!
Understand it?

Brain teasers #3

Helping the helper is better than not helping the helper helping because they are helping others in need of their help so that they can be helpers to help those who have not been helped by these helpers from helpful angels who are willing to help.

Brain teasers #2

none of the nuns have numb thumbs for these nuns' having no numb thumbs have none numb thumbs but have numb bumped bums.

Brain teasers #1

Think pink to link pink through kinks to sink pink into drinks of pinks from the sink right into drinks.


Think back. What did you do today? Do you remember? Or have you forgotten? Have you ever thought about the chances of losing all your past memories just in a snap of a finger?
It’s hard to imagine huh? Yeah, so it is. How important is our memory? Being able to remember what we did for the day, weeks, years of our life, who we are, how we are, why we are here. We often overlook these things. I know I have. Dig deep. Getting on your live without any memories of even our family, our loved ones, our work, house, even the color of the traffic lights.... everything. Now that is scary!
Has it ever come to you that you have to be separated with the one you care and love so much, perhaps your family, or your wife, or your romantic partner? How did it felt? Having being apart from them for the first time? Well, I know one thing for sure. I really hated that feeling, being breathless, heart aching as if it is being shattered into smithereens. Now, having that in mind, think that you have only one month’s time before you jumble up all of your pass and present memories and letting it ‘wash down the drain’ gradually. Or your partner’s memories instead, knowing that he or she will be mentally dead at their prime of life before being physically dead. Forgetting their own wedding day, forgetting you, calling you by their ex’s name right in front of you. What would you do? What would you think? Can you be strong enough for yourself? Can you even muster up the slightest courage to face this problem with your loved one? Or will you ditch them cold heartedly?
What is memory? How important is it? Can we live without having a memory of what had happen in our life? Losing everything we have... What we have had before.....
Would all of these remain, just as a memory of the problem or would you FORGET about this....??

How safe is Malaysian University?

A place where people hold up in high stature. A place where research and future scientists and experts of various fields in our community are born and trained. Yes there are more and more of these institutions right here locally in Malaysia offering the best of many other courses around the world! That is undeniably the actual fact of today’s world. However, an even greater undeniable fact of interest of these institutions are the safety issues that it is able to offer for its students and their parents alike. How safe are these Universities? A place for knowledge or ’something more’?

As if of bullets firing the bloody air of Iraq, we so often than not hear of news of rape cases, robberies, break-ins, among others, happening right insight the vicinity of Universities across the country. Now, some might not know alot of these from the National TV news for apparently those cases were simply covered up just in order to keep the University’s reputation. Rubbish! That’ll be the same as telling yourself to swim across a river full of crocs and at the same time convincing yourself that there isn’t any crocs!

The big question is why are those responsible for the University do such a thing? OK, fair enough if they did such cover-ups and actually improve on the safety of that University, giving it’s residents of thousands of students from all over the country a sense of security. But, now, cases seems to happen each year, having many innocent ‘white flowers’ fallen victims to inhumane ‘locusts’ devouring these ‘flowers’, snatching away their prospect happy, normal life in this world and country of theirs after their studies. Why are there such ‘locusts’? Giving goosebumps and worries to their families and loved ones alike? Why are there no action taken to hunt these people in the respected Universities?
What are the police and those responsible of the Universities doing? Are there keeping it as a secret even from the police? All these forced the students themselves to find and form their own groups or clubs within their own colleges as one of the measures to assure their own safety with the help and aid of their fellow friends. What kinda place is that? A place to study or a place for refugees?
Those people in charge, please, if you’re reading this, please do something about it. It has happened for so many years now and there are still no changes. But it is never too late to improve it. Heed our cries and worries, from students and parents alike. Don’t let it get any worse. There are enough ‘flowers’ getting hurt.....STOP IT!!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Last minute Bookworms?? Haha..

SO banyak people getting ready for their exams..hmmmm.

Looky looky..All the bookworms..Nerds? Na...just for the moment perhaps..haha..With new and old friends together doing some last minute studying before our General Genetics' mid term..Hardworking..Sssoooo hardworking..haha..Thanks to Siew Boi's last minute review, I knew how to answered a few tough questions..!! Haha..Thanks Boi Boi..:-P

Cat Exhibition @ Spring, Kuching

The Spring had a cat exhibition last weekend (6,7-8-2008). I didn't know Kuching had so many cat fanatics until today! Some are so cute, I'll have toa dmit..Some are huge..Some, too common the breed.
The organizers even had a vet check all of the cats in front of the public, 'grading' each cat and commenting on their overall health and phenotype, giving friendly advices too to the respected owners and public alike.The cats all look very healthy and clean but still ... I many of their furs..yucky..despite their cuteness..hmmm..ironic are some of the photos..

In Unimas for two months void of kitchenware and inspiration and the mood even to cook, to create something new. Boy, I miss it. So feel like cooking, baking, whatever things related to food..hmmm... It has been a long time. My buns...

Spaghetti...Brinjal flavor...haha..

Macaroni and meatball...

Cheese cake!!!! Well, not that perfect yet. Not that fine.. Didn't strain it..but taste unbeatable also la..haha..

Brownies!!! Oh man.. My pies...
My mix fruit pie...hmmm..

Chicken pies and other meat pies!!!!


My Nyonya kuih...haha..

And my first icing cake! Fresh cream...hmmm..largest one yet! For me parent’s 21st Anniversary (2008)... Not too bad for a first timer I suppose? Hehe.. A blueberry fresh cream cake...hmmm... Thanks Ah San!! Sifu...hehhe...:-D Still very far from your standard I know...hehe...