Thursday, October 30, 2008

Busy..!!!..I guess...

Exam is here already! Time really flies. It's already the end of the yr and I still feel as if it was still the time when we were all busy preparing to enter U.. Hmmm... Evrybody's studying like crazy and I seem to be like...still sambil lewa only..
This is bad! I'm feelin' it! It's just that it's from my frens and peers who's all bookworming at this time. That's where all the pressure is.. Peer pressure.. Haiz... Well..Won't be blogging anymore until the end of my exams!!! On the 13 of November that is... C ya'll den.. All the best everybody!!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Hamster eating Durian

See my cute cute ham eating Durian!!! YES, your eyes are still good! Yes! It’s Durian!!!!haha...See him eat.

.I ye...cute nya..seems like he’s enjoying it..first time eating durian up.. will be letting him try on mangosteen..hmmmm..

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Being HUman....

It’s hard being human sometimes. We have friends. We have alot of friends and sometimes, we belong to more than a ‘group’ of friends. Sometimes, we need to attend to the other group of friends and perhaps have no time or energy anymore to attend to the other group of friends in their activities or planning.
Now, they might not know the day before how tired and drained people were and they still just doesn’t seem to understand how we are feeling. They demand more from us without thinking of what state we are currently in. So we are tired, we are busy, but at the same time, they felt offended and disappointed of us when we don’t join them in their activity. We ourselves are already depressed enough, tired enough, but now with them, replying us with the same kind of feelings that we are feeling... Considering them having those feelings and not wanting to let them down but at the same time thinking of that, it’ll just be adding more to our own depression.
So now the big picture is whether or not they know what we are feeling? Do they know that the day before, we were already so tired and busy and really, we just can’t make it the next day! Do they ever consider our feelings as friends? Shouldn’t friends be more understanding? Are you one of them? Have you ever thought about it, feeling the same?
Puzzled......depressed... hmmm...

Friday, October 17, 2008

$%*#-ingly Disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!

I got this msg from my U fren. I asked him to send to me for I tot it seemed inhumane.. Sememangnya terkutuk. Amat terkutuk! How can they do such a thing?? rubbish!! How absurd.. Should be sentence to death having such sickening parents...duh... So here it is, got it from msn..

So this will be my first blog in mandarin.. muahaha... just copy and paste idea.. got my fren translated it to me first of cos..den baru I post up..


震惊啊!!丧尽天良啊! -他们在吃人(组图)有良心的人顶一下







sickening ei? So pity...canibals...yucks.........

Dearest friends and classmates...

Time has been fast forwarding for this past few years. It has been my pleasure to know all of you guys. Not only those in this class but all of you that I have known throughout my years in secondary school.

It was always my nature to be the one being passive and kind of shy in my life. I was never good at speaking mandarin. I was never quite good in, well, I guess you can call it as my social skills. Being with the guys in Form 1... Well, it was really my pleasure and my good fortune to have known those guys during that time..Gui Jin Kiant, Tan Hang Kiong, Elvin Ting...(pls don feel disappointed if I didn’t put out your name here, sorry, :-P ) Ya’ll were great..!! Thanks so much!! Why? Because during that time, I went in 1J alone with no friends from primary school and I had ya’ll coming to me, making the first move to get to know me.
It was fun indeed, thinking back during those days....

Later on, life in school got more and more interesting with new friends and ‘new problems’ sprouting along with us. With the appearances of 2M’s biggest titans, my big sis (Ah Jie) and my long classmate and friend, Melvin Lau,(hope you two don mind :-D) they both really make up a good fight during our art lessons... With their bullet- like arguing capabilities.. Wow!!! Haha... It was also this time that I knew my Ah Jie.. Then later, ‘Cacat’, Annie, etc.. Form 2M life ended with two unforgettable teachers, one who taught us art and the other teaching us English for Science and Technology (EST).

So, Form 3 life begun with what we have ended the year before, with various love stories amongst our classmates. Everyone seemed more inclined with the number ‘38’.. with news and gossips here and there, which mostly seemed to be true. Some have just yet to be true but have also being publicised. Well, fries we were that time and no different are we from then now.
It was really my pleasure and honor to be given the trust and chance to be class monitor of Form 4/2003 and Form 5/2004. Being voted during Form 4, I didn’t thought that ya’ll, my classmates, would voted for me. Well, it was a surprise and a big challenge for me because of my nature. Kinda fun too I should say. Having painting our class all over, with Nicholas, Siew Boi, Wui Chung(don’t know correct or not spelling of your name), etc. Felt kind of sorry too that during those two years, I was kind of a ball-maniac, playing ball early morning right through noon, smelling kinda ‘nice’ the whole day in class.... Hmm...sorry to ya’ll...hehe..

I would like to apologize to all Lower and Upper 6 classmates of 2006/2007 for any nasting things that I may have said or done during those two years. At times I might be a bit loud and annoying perhaps, but I hope I’m forgiven. Perhaps I got a little too carried away that time or perhaps I myself was quite frustrated already to begin with. Then again, it was fun. Thanks for the cooperation given by all you guys. I appreciate it alot! Thanks!! Form 6 life. I would not ever forget all the times we were together studying and having fun at the same time. It will be one of my most memorable years in school with ya’ll.

Lastly, I would like to wish ya’ll out there wherever you are in this world, whatever you are studying, doing, working, to do your best and my warmest wishes and hope to you all. May we always keep in touch. ALL THE BEST!!

Facts of life

Why do we, sometimes, tend to fall for the opposite gender without ourselves knowing what started it and how we could ever have gotten involved in it at a certain age. Our friends and peers may step into that world earlier and some later, and perhaps some might not even step into that world at all. Love is their only reason, some true, some not, some might still be in the verge of making it true and perhaps for some, might just well be for fun.

I think we were made into this world in an imbalance state, as the two different sexes, needing each other in this world to live a better life. Ladies are more to being careful, thinking more of relationship bonds, being more sensitive in matters, even small matters, caring for those little delicate things in and outside life.

Guys instead, they are more of a risk-taker. They somehow ignore, say, the chances of falling from a ladder, their kids getting a nasty scratch on the knee from a probable fall from climbing a tree or car. Dads might let their kids to try something risky, but for moms, they’ll take all those risks into account and discourage her kids to even attempt something as minor as cutting a paper for the very reason of maternal protection instinct. Another, guys tend to be more physical and ladies tend to resort to brain power. Now, having either one only would render life incomplete, lacking something of the other pole to balance out the overweight.

Come to think of it, being together in a relationship, there are alot of the opposite, repelling ‘forces’ but at the same time, without that ‘repelling force’, life would, in a way, be incomplete. Talk about gambling. All those chances. Ain’t it amazing? Life.......... Appreciate it... Its wonderful.. Amazing....!! Cherish it!

Friday, October 10, 2008


Have you ever wondered why ring is presented and worn during weddings? Have you ever thought What each of our finger symbolize and why wedding rings are worn only at the forth finger?

Well, apparently, the chinese has a good explaation on each meaning of our finger.
Our thumb represents our parents.
Our 2nd finge represents our siblings.
Our 3rd represents ourselves.
Our 4th represents our own life partner, our spouse.
Our little finger represents our children.

So that's why engagement rings or marriage rings are worn at the 4th finger.

Watch this video. It explains all beautifully...

Cherish your life.....Love your partner......

Just Being Curious......

Please....All you gals, lady's who're still single or whether you're already married.. Just being curious, is it every ladies' dream to get married although they might say they don want to, perhaps during the year before? I mean, could ya'll change your thinking as fast as that? Why is it that during your teens, some, or probably most of ya'll despise marriage and giving birth?

Then, is it also every ladies' dream to give birth? is it true that ya'll would feel that not experiencing labour and all jus doesn't makes you feel like a complete lady?

Just being curious. Please educate me.. leave your comments freely.. Thanks in advance.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sickening Sunday

So it's Sunday already....Ironically it's getting more and more mixed up...I've no idea whether it is a day to be happy of or a day to be sad of, a day where I wouldn't look forward to as much...

So Sunday s a holiday, but also the last day of the weekend, marking the end of holiday,marking also the last time to see her in weeks and months to come.... Hmmm... A lil' too attached? Well.. Better be that way instead of the other...

So two weeks ago was the time when she flew back and on a happy Sunday we went out together although it was only for a short while..Was so anxious and both were so happy for our meeting up again after our first split for about two months ago..Funny... Can't really believed she had been back during that time...but..Well...Spent our time together really happilyI should say...and..

So now at this Sunday..It was bye bye time and I was still kinda blurr to everything..... Being just all empty in my mind...Now getting a call that she has arrived safely...Seems so bitter but at the same time..What is there to do? All there is to do is to be patient and, Hei! It ain't permanent?!?!! LOLZ....

What a Week...What a day...

Friday, October 3, 2008

Amazing race(mini)...:

So have you ever dream of being in an amazing race-like... race? ahhaha..Just had the chance the other day. ( 2nd Oct 2008)

Originally we planned to be a group-Melanie, Louis, Joyce and me,

but seems to have some misunderstanding between me and Melanie that in the end, we had no car. So organizers swapped us with another group having two cars and so we were split. We had tasks.. Among the hardest would be counting the numbers of visitors' car parks and the lamp posts at the surrounding MBKS building. That blue pointy building...
We did some shopping as well..looked for the prices of some products...eaten 5 pieces of breads with some cool sauces mixed...organizers' mix...not too bad act...having 5 kinda sauces.. mayonaise, tomato, bbq sauce, melted butter and chilli sauce... Louis tried it too...completed the tasks too.. He said it is yucky but I think its very ok lei.. Not bad lei actually..haha...
We had 6 groups of four... competing and our group got the first!!!muahaha...prizes?well....Hundred bucks worth of KFC and Pizza Hut vouchers! Haha..Joyce and I got fifty, our share..plenty for us..haha..

Here's all of us at the end of the day...Everyone enjoyed their time..haha... Fun indeed...not bad la..hehe.. Tanks Melanie for letting us know..or else mana ada ini macam punya chance..haha..

Another separation of many more to come...

Holiday is soon to end...Duh...time so fast.. Time seems so fast when you want it to be slow and time seems to be in a stand still when you want it to be faster....Haiz...
Finish Holiday....Signalling the start of a busy study life...Gotta prepare for finals lo!!! Cham lo....bad bad...Kin teo lei...hmmmmm

Gonna be all alone again...for another 2 months or so... haiz... Gotta get use to it also.. sickening as I always say..hmmm...