Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sarawak Cultural Village....bummer...

In conjunction with the 51st Independene Day, my famil decided to go to Sarawak Cultural Village yesterday(31st Aug 2008) reaching there about 11 am. We got ourselves family package costing 75 inclusive of lunch.
Man was I disappointed! Last year when we came, it was so much better! People were more, shows were much more interesting with some fashion show and all..but this year...its totally nothing..worse then during their normal day's show...Shows wee shorten..visitors were just a handfull. But the scenery was just as nice...haha..:-D
All this perhaps, is a prove of inflation? OOOppss... Til here first..gotta fly to KPCA for me badminton game aye...Next time for the photos...tata...

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Malaysia's 51st Independence Day

In the heat of Malaysia’s 51st Independence Day, my college, Bunga Raya College, has come up with its own decorative ideas to ‘beautify’ our college. Came up with some cool and ironically scary ideas for some. Such as a dummy that looks like a scare crow holding a lit torch at night.

Here's the night view of the dummy.... Our Bogeyman...Spooked??Still ok la rasanya...hmmm

Not only our college that's doing all the decor, but Sakura College too is doing the decor in which I think they're so not original. Gotta be because of Carrie!!!!! Muahaha.. Why not original? See for yourselves! Copy cat...hmmmmph... :-P

Such a big BUNGA RAYA...Duh...Should be sued lei...our college punya trademark!!haha..Carrie you watch out for a letter from our lawyer..hehe

Among some of OUR BUNGA RAYA decors...

Our dummy at the morning.Less scary don't you think?

Moon Eclipse???

It’s the moon getting in the way of the sun! Apparently it’s the moon eclipse. Happened right in front of us and we, perhaps most of us, still didn’t know that it was actually a moon eclipse!
It happened twice already or at least I’ve noticed it happened twice. Once was at 2007 when I was in lower six when Siew Yan noticed it, having a circle of rainbow surrounding the bright shining Sun. Didn’t noticed that there was a moon in the way of the Sun for nobody act took a direct shot at the sun in fear that doing so would actually ‘victimize’ their optic lenses of their camera phone.
It was only yesterday(27 Aug 2008) that I noticed it. Looking over Kim Loong’s(my coursemate) photos in his phone, then I saw that there was actually a dark spot in the middle of the Sun.
Hmmm..interesting.. little that I know that the cool unique rainbow appearance was actually due to the Moon eclipse! How we shouldn’t underestimate all the weird & unique happenings of this world!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Aloha @ Kids Expo

Just last week (22-24 Aug 2008), Aloha Deli had their biggest function yet! Held at Permata, Kuching, it was truly one of the most successful event yet held by all of their Aloha staffs.
Having our first ever astronaut.........

...... coming to visit Kuching, to this Expo specially for kids, Aloha had never been ever ready in reaching out to space, so to speak. Having ready the best double-decker baked cheese cake baked by their head baker ‘Ah San’ as we all call her, for our Dr. SMS, I’m sure he’ll put on some weights and get ever so addicted to Aloha’s cheese cake and perhaps other goodies of Aloha in the near future. Who knows? Perhaps one day you’ll find Aloha setting up a shop far up in the space specially for all those astronauts? Well....Still a long way to go, that’s for sure.
Aloha had thought of a few activities for the kids having the idea of family togetherness, having fun at the same time, bringing out the creativity of these kids and their parents in doing the cakes, gingerbread man and gingerbread house according to Mr. Goh, Aloha’s founder. Even adults join in the fun!

There was no electricity during the third day of the Expo.

Luckily it didn’t last long and it happened in the morning around about nine or ten. Took this photo during that time. Just some of our stuffs. Refilling the royal icing with Kai Ling and Ying Siew when all of a sudden the light disappeared!

Working there, I also had a chance in doing some decor...hahaha....Wanna see?? Oh man! it is...!!


Casandra let me bring back the gingerbread house I resting in my freezer....


Aloha also did the catering for the VIPs and for the public. Got ready foods enough for hundred over people but still looks as if not enough. Man!! Kuching people..Where there’s free food, plus this was real nice good free food, it was like a feeding frenzy in which even the lions and crocs would lost to if there ever was a competition! We, managing the refreshment section, really had a hard time. Headache aaa.....!!Haha...Couldn’t snap any photos at that time. Hands were all tied up, but here’s something for your eyes to feed on...

Mouth watering? Hei man, it’s ought to be drooling big time!! Haha....:-p

This is the VIPs’ table set up....

I even got the chance of serving the VIPs’ together with Kai Ling, serving drinks of milk coffee, milk tea and mango syrup. All three only for them to choose from.
Aloha also did live cooking demo on stage, Aloha’s founder, Mr. Goh himself of course, doing recipes of chocolate muffin, yogurt peach pie, his own home made crepe and also the most special out of all, Aloha chicken pie soup! Unbelievable? Me too..but I heard that it’s nice...hmmm..

Being so grateful to be able to get involved in this function, I hope there is still many more to come. Didn’t really felt like working though for the weekend. Seems more like just going to help out and play and, YUP!! Really enjoyed myself although it really sucked the ‘juice’ right out of me! Hahaha....:-D Thanks Aloha..
Just located beside Jalan Song’s Upwel, it has really made a name for itself for the past years since it opened its door offering a wide veriety of finger foods, western cuisine, buns, bread, cakes, biscuits, etc. Having catering services, well, better turn to Aloha Deli! You won’t be disappointed! Nice decor, superb food....Hei! What else can you ask for if you’re holding out a party or ‘open house’? Wouldn’t it be prestige, nice, and enough food be your aim so that you wouldn’t ‘loose face’ as we locally call it?
Throughout the event, I’ve learned quite alot of things, those little and big things that really does make a difference with or without. Having a practical for my Asas Pembudayaan Keusahawanaan this coming November, requiring us to set up a stall within UNIMAS compound as part of our practical, using all of our modals from our group of fifteen partners,with no allowance for sponsorship, I am really hoping our stall could be as successful as Aloha’s last week. So really excited about it actually, having a chance to try and practice what I’ve learned from Mr. Goh in everything-from scratch to something customers and visitors could see and say, ‘WOW!!!’. Hoping for the best...but..still very far off la...still need to prepare beforehand. Don’t know my members are as excited..hmmmm....Lolz..
Aloha has made a few surprising things which attracted almost all of the passer bys and customers asking,
“Wow!, is this real? Can be eaten?”
With our dummy cake which is actually real for it’s made up of sugar....well..see it for yourself..Layer by layer...

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Planet Earth Having two Moons??!??!??


IT'S A BIRD!! IT'S A PLANE!! IT'S....sorry,not Superman...IT'S....2 MOonS???

Welp,better make sure ya'll living and kickin' alive, all look up to the sky like a bunch of people having your heads sprained because by this coming 27th of August, 2008,at 12.30am, experts claim that we humans on earth could actually see planet Mars with our naked eye!Cooolll....!!!

Mars has actually already being at its brightest through this month of August,having a range of 34.65 million miles off from good-ol' planet Earth.It will be seen as if one of our 'moon'.Visibility will be of like our normal full big..hmmm...

Please be informed not to miss this chance to view our neighbor, Mars for once you missed it.The next time you can see such a phenomenon is when you all,of this generation,and of your kids,and of your grandkids,and of their kids is deep down under the earth,6 feet down under that is.The next time it comes this close would be in year 2287.


Man!!!We'd be totally out of this world!!!Oh man.......

Yahoo! history....(in Bahasa Malaysia)

Latar Belakang

Yahoo! Incorporated merupakan sebuah koperasi awam Amerika Syarikat yang beribu pejabat di Sunnyvale, California di Silicon Valley.Koperasi ini menyediakan khidmat internet kepada seluruh dunia.Antaranya termasuklah ‘Web portal’,’Web search engine’,’Yahoo! Mail’, makluman berita dan ‘posting’.Khidmat ini merupakan idea Jerry Yang dan David Filo pada January 1994 yang merupakan graduan Stanford University yang kemudiannya dikorperatkan pada 1haribulan Mac 1995.

Pada January 1994, Jerry Yang dan David Filo merupakan pelajar graduan kejuruteraan electric di Stanford University.Pada April 1994, “Jerry’s Guide to the World Wide Web” dinamakan semula kepada “Yahoo!”.Kedua-dua pengasas ini menyatakan bahawa mereka memilih nama Yahoo! Kerana mereka suka terhadap maksud am perkataan tersebut yang berasal dari filem klasik,”Gulliver’s Travels”.Mereka terpaksa menambah tanda seruan di hujung perkataan Yahoo kerana nama “Yahoo” sudahpun digunakan oleh syarikat “EBSCO Industries” sebagai cap dagang kepada sos berbeku dan pisau.

Sehingga akhir tahun 1994,Yahoo! sudah menerima sejuta kunjungan dari para pengguna Internet.Yang dan Filo sedar bahawa laman web mereka mempunyai potensi besar untuk dijadikan sebagai sebuah bisnes.Disebabkan itu,Yahoo! dikorporatkan pada 1 Mac 1995.Pada 12 April 1996,Yahoo! membuat keuntungan sebanyak $33.8 juta Dollar hasil daripada penjualan sebanyak 2.6 juta saham dengan harga $13 setiap satu unit. Sejak Yahoo! diasaskan,Yahoo! telah berkembang dengan begitu mendadak sekali.Pada 8 Mac 1997,Yahoo! telah membeli dan mengambil alih beberapa syarikat.Antaranya adalah syarikat telekomunikasi Four11.Yahoo! menukar khidmat webmelnya,Rocketmail kepada Yahoo! Mail, mengambil alih dan menukarnya kepada Yahoo! Games,dan sebagainya.
Pada 3 haribulan Januari 2000,ketika permulaan letusan Dot-com boom, saham Yahoo! ditutup pada $118.75 bagi setiap unit saham.Enam belas hari kemudiannya, saham di Yahoo! Japan menjadi kumpulan saham pertama dalam sejarah Jepun untuk membuat pertukaran melebihi ¥100,000,000, mencecah ¥101.4 juta.($962,140 pada masa itu)Khidmat tergendala selama beberapa jam pada 7 Februari, 2000 kerana telah menjadi mangsa kepada DDoS(Distributed Denial of Service Attack)Semasa dot-com boom, CNBC melaporkan bahawa perbincangan yang dijalankan oleh Yahoo! dan eBay untuk membuat percantuman 50/50 namun tidak pernah kesampaian. Yahoo! adalah antara beberapa syarikat internet yang masih ’bertahan’ selepas letusan dot-com bubble. Walau bagaimanapun,saham Yahoo! menurun ke tahap paling rendah dalam lima tahun, iaitu sebanyak $4.06 seunit.Sehubungan dengan itu, Yahoo! mengadakan kerjasama dengan syarikat telekomunikasi dan internet yang lain untuk memberi perkhidmatan jalur lebar yang lebih baik bagi menandingi perkhidmatan yang ditawarkan oleh AOL.Pada Disember 2002,Yahoo! mengambil alih Inktomi.Pada Februari 2005, Yahoo! sekali lagi mengambil alih Konfabulator dan menamainya semula kepada Yahoo! Widgets. Yahoo! mengambil alih Overture Services,Inc. pada Julai 2003. Yahoo! menggugurkan keputusan pencarian laman web janaan Google dan menggunakan teknologinya sendiri. Pada tahun 2004,Google telah mengeluarkan Gmail.Dengan itu, Yahoo! turut menaik taraf kapasiti penyimpanan mel elektronik percumanya dari 4MB ke 1 GB dan semua akaun Yahoo! Mail Plus kepada 2GB agar dapat bertanding dengan perkhidmatan baru yang ditawarkan oleh Google. Pada tahun 2007, Yahoo! tidak lagi mengehadkan kapasiti penyimpanan mel elektronik para penggunanya dan memberikan mereka penyimpanan tanpa had. Yahoo! terus mengambil alih syarikat-syarikat yang lain untuk meluaskan perkhidmatannya, terutamanya dalam perkhidmatan Web 2.0. Yahoo! Launchcast berubah menjadi Yahoo! Music pada Februari 9, 2005.Yahoo! membeli perkhidmatan perkongsian foto, Flickr dan pada bulan Mac 29, 2005, syarikatnya melancarkan perkhidmatan blog dan jaringan sosialnya,Yahoo!360o. Pada Ogos 27, 2007, Yahoo! melancarkan versi baru Yahoo! Mail yang membolehkan para pengguna menghantar mesej segera kepada komuniti ”Instant Messaging” (IM) terbesar termasuk pengguna Yahoo! Messenger dan Windows Live Messenger secara percuma kepada pengguna telefon bimbit di Amerika Syarikat, Canada, India dan Filipina. Pada Januari 22, 2008, adalah dilaporkan bahawa Yahoo! ingin memecat ratusan daripada 14,000 orang pekerjanya disebabkan kerugian yang dialami oleh Yahoo! akibat daripada tidak dapat menandingi Google.Pada Januari 29, 2008, Yahoo! mengumumkan bahawa syarikatnya akan memecat 1,000 orang pekerjanya. Pemecatan pekerjanya mewakili pengurangan sebanyak 7% daripada 14,300 orang pekerja syarikatnya.Namun begitu, mereka digalakkan untuk membuat permohonan semula untuk beberapa jawatan baru yang ditawarkan di syarikat baru Yahoo! di tempat yang dapat menjanjikan pengembangan dan mendatangkan keuntungan yang lebih menggalakkan.Pada Februari 29, 2008 Yahoo! membeli Maven Networks, pembekal permainan video dengan harga kira-kira $160 juta. Yahoo! bekerjasama dengan pelbagai pihak dalam menyediakan produknya seperti Yahoo! Sports, Yahoo! Finance, Yahoo! Music, Yahoo! Movies, Yahoo! News, Yahoo! Answers dan Yahoo! Games.Yahoo! menawarkan isi kandungan percuma dan Yahoo premium bagi ahlinya dengan mengadakan kerjasama dengan pembekal perkhidmatan jalur lebar seperti AT&T, Verizon Communications, Rogers Communication dan British Telecom.Pada Mac 31, 2008,Yahoo! melancarkan portal web yang merupakan sebuah lagi harta Yahoo! yang ditujukan khas kepada kaum wanita yang berumur antara 25 hingga 54 tahun.Shine akan menawarkan khidmat nasihat dan sebuah pentas bagi perbincangan ataupun forum bagi wanita-wanita dalam hal-hal cinta,kekeluargaan.seks,makanan,kerjaya,wang,fesyen,hiburan dan astrologi. Yahoo! turut menawarkan khidmat komersial seperti Yahoo! Shopping,Yahoo! Autos, Yahoo! Real Estate dan Yahoo! Travel.Menerusi khidmat tersebut, para pengguna dapat mencari dan mengumpul maklumat berkaitan agar dapat membuat transaksi komersial serta pembelian atas talian.
Selain itu, Yahoo! juga menawarkan perkhidmatan seperti Yahoo! Domains, Yahoo! Web Hosting,Yahoo! Merchant Solutions, Yahoo! Store dan Yahoo!Business Email kepada pemilik bisnes kecil serta para profesional agar mereka dapat membina gudang atas talian mereka sendiri menggunakan perkakas Yahoo!.Yahoo! turut menawarkan HotJobs untuk membantu mencari bakat yang diperlukan oleh seseorang majikan. Sebuah lagi perkhidmatan yang ditawarkan iaitu Yahoo! Next mengandungi forum bagi para pengguna Yahoo! memberi maklum balas bagi membantu pihak Yahoo! dalam pembangunan masa depan syarikatnya. Yahoo! juga tidak kurang emlakukan kesilapan dalam bisnesnya.Yahoo! dikritik kerana menyumbangkan dananya kepada spyware dan adware.Hal ini kerana para pengguna berkemungkinan besar memuat turun iklan daripada pelanggan Yahoo! yang terpapar dalam ”pop-ups” yang dijana oleh adware tanpa disedari mereka semasa mereka memuat turun perisian komputer.

People’s Republic of ChinaYahoo! bersama-sama dengan Google China, Microsoft,Cisco, AOL, Skype, Nortel dan lain-lain telah bekerjasama dengan kerajaan China dalam melaksanakan sebuah system penapisan internet di China.Berlainan dengan Google dan Microsoft yang menyimpan maklumat sulit para penggunanya di luar kawasan China, Yahoo! menyatakan bahawa syarikatnya tidak akan menyimpan dan menjaga maklumat sulit para penggunanya di China daripada pihak kerajaan China.Tom Lantos, pengerusi House Foreign Affairs Committee berkata,”While technologically and financially you are giants, morally you are pygmies” Disebabkan polisi Yahoo! ini, beberapa wartawan ditahan oleh kerajaan China. Para wartawan seperti Shi Tao, seorang wartawan China dipenjarakan selama sepuluh tahun oleh Changsa Intermediate People’s Court di Hunan, China atas tuduhan membekalkan maklumat sulit negeri kepada warga asing.”Maklumat sulit” tersebut hanyalah senarai nama pendek penapisan yang dihantar beliau dari akaun Yahoo! Mail beliau kepada Forum Demokrasi Asia.Pihak Yahoo! teruk dikritik dan mereka menyatakan bahawa mereka terpaksa menghormati undang-undang di tempat mereka beroperasi.Michael Callaham, General Counsel, Yahoo! membuat penerangan kepada House Foreign Affairs Committee bahawa hal tersebut adalah merumitkan.
Kritikan terhadap Yahoo! semakin ’hangat’ diperkatakan apabila Reporters Without Borders mengeluarkan dokumen dari mahkamah China pada Februari 2006 bahawa Yahoo! telah membantu pihak kerajaan China dalam sebuah lagi kes yang melibatkan seorang lagi wartawan China sendiri bernama Li Zhi.Pada bulan Disember 2003, Li Zhi telah dijatuhkan hukuman penjara selama 8 tahun. Yahoo! juga turut didakwa oleh isteri Wang Xiaoning pada April 18, 2007 di bawah perundangan hak manusia di Mahkamah Persekutuan di San Francisco, California, Amerika Syarikat.Wang Xiaoning merupakan plaintiff dalam kes tersebut dan dibantu oleh World Organization for Human Rights USA.Yahoo! didapati bersalah atas ketidak bertanggungjawabannya.Hal ini kerana pihak Yahoo! sepatutnya mengetahui bahawa pemberian maklumatnya kepada pihak kerajaan China akan mengakibatkan pengguna tersebut ditahan dan dipenjarakan.Keputusan Yahoo! dalam membantu pihak kerajaan China merupakan sebahagian daripada polisi pihak Yahoo! untuk meneruskan perkhidmatannya kepada warga China setelah perkhidmatan Yahoo! diberhentikan untuk suata jangka masa yang lama di China. Pada Mei 25, 2006, pencarian imej Yahoo! turut dikritik kerana memaparkan gambar gambar kurang senonoh walaupun semasa SafeSearch digunakanPihak Yahoo! menjawab kepada aduan ini dengan menyatakan bahawa pihak mereka sedar akan isu tersebut dan akan membaikinya secepat mungkin.

Monday, August 18, 2008


Ya'll can now get your insect specimens back from the lab assistant.I advice ya'll to go get it faster for some have already rot and have already being thrown away...
Hei!!!This is ya'll hardwork lei......Take it back before it's being destroyed!!!

Harap maklum...


STPM 2007 certificate is out!

Yes we can.....!!?!

To all my schoolmates out there...our STPM certificate is out now.I've alread taken mine this morning.It's out!Better go take as soon as possible..

Time waits for no man......

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Why the extra carbon monoxide??

Perhaps breathing in too much of carbon monoxides,carbon dioxides & its other constituent probably or even most certainly made some of those even educated being to be as dumb & empty headed!

Ok.So I've been back home every single weeekend and guess what is the one thing I hate about coming back home?The 'sweet aromatic smell' of burning organic matter!!!!
Come on la man...Living in residential area,terrace houses on their four sides & still,STILL BURNING...burning leaves,grasses..Hei man!!You know or not ha?Smells extremely sarcastiscally NICE lei.................
OK...So what if he has the rights to do whatever he pleasures within his own house's compound,but,can't he even think & be a little more considerate?Can't he even see the smoke & flying debris of the by products of burning?Fertilizes his soil kononnya...
Taking all those grassesa nd leaves as compose.....Now wouldn't that be an even better idea?Saving our already 'severed' environment?

Some people...They study alot...all those knowledge taken from books & magazines only stay as words in their punny oversized brain.Why not think a bit,thinking outside the box,being resoursefull.not just to think of it to make it an excuse to get all defensive when accused?Be reasonable please!For those reading this now,please remind your famiy or relatives not to do open burning at your house's backyard.Not only does it hurts the environment but it also really scientifically proven that it can and will damage your households' lungs or respiratory system if not their general health with those constant inhalation of the smoke released.

It sucks!!PLease!!Answer The call...Stop open burning!!It's worst then cigarette smoke and I've been smelling it for as long as i can remember...Each and every night's weekend I sleep literraly with that stench covering over me,being all over in my room..!!I'm not saying those who burn those silver papers during some certain days of the month if the year that they shoul stop it.I've no intention whatsoever in referring it to them for that is their religious practice and that's ain't causing nuisance and annoyance.What I'm targeting are those who just burn for fun,those burning things when they could actually choose not to.



STOP OPEN BURNING!!!IT KILLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm back home for mid-term break!!

Could you believe it?It's already well over a month being in Uni & honestly,it seems like it just happened yesterday when we had our all-out tiring orientation week!
Being home each & every week,well,kinda brings & give me no significance at all really...honestly..makes no difference accept i get to online at home in my own convenience.Well,I know,I'm sorry..I realize some might not feel like what I feel and can't even get back home that often..but..well..
Yo Yo...soly la...I know not All like me can go back home so often.......hahahaha.....:-D

Care & Best wishes for all you friends out there!!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

A Year, 8 days & counting....

Happy Anniversary!!Spending our first anniversary so far near yet so far..

Well,certainly a one-of-a-kind anniversary for me,us..

I couldn't have felt any happier on that momenteous, memorable, heart-pounding day..haha..lolz..At the same time, it felt all so vague..being so far..but,what can be done?Just 5 weeks & 5 days to go until our next meeting-up each other..!!haha..cant wait!But ironically still need to wait...duh..haha..Lame?Well..Who cares??haha..ehhe..

Happy Anniversary To MJ!!.....:-D

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Sarawak's Major Blackout??

It was around just a few minutes to 7 in the evening before Sarawak experienced her major blackout!!

Was at Kuching's Boulevard that time when everything went pitch dark down in the basement.I thought it was just Boulevard's fault but when i messaged Siew Yan.she said it was the whole Kuching!!Could you believe that??Well,ok..still acceptable...Whole Kuching only..No big..But when the guard in charge said it was the whole of Sarawak,boy!!Blew me off my feet!!How can that be?Kinda freaked out actually but at the same time did not really believed the guard for he said he wasn't sure anyway..I seriously thought it was a sheer joke...

Well,it was kinda fun really, though, for a moment but as i think on deeper,hmmm..What about the airports and our defense system?Could it be that something of the worst scenario is in play?Or is it just...well, human error?

Further infos from friends and relative later confirmed that it might be the whole Sarawak that's without electricity for one of our relative from Miri called and informed us of their condition there as well.

Kinda freak me though that,after looking at,well,just only within Boulevard Hypermarket,the rush and uncertainty of those in charge there..Just because of a blackout,everything seems to come to a hault.Counters closed.Cashiers frozen.Shops closed.It all shows how dependent humans are on electricity.No wonder it's always the power plants or generators that the soldiers or spies or some infiltrators or even criminals target!It all seemed so easy,too easy to cause havock and discoordination among humans when without electric!

Drove back in total darkness only with car lights illuminating the road was kinda cool i should say.All things around you in darkness and there you are!On the road driving!

Out from boulevard car park..darkness everywhere..only vehicle man!!!

What'd happen if one day another blackout happens and this time it's the real thing?Having our national borders hanging on the line,where national security is for real,at stake??!?Or even perhaps Some alien invasion?hahaha...Alien invasion..might seem all too pathetic...But...Is it?..

IF ONLY YOU KNOW............
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