Monday, April 18, 2011

After a very long time...

It's been a long time since I drop something here. Didn't have the mood to drop anything in fact. Don't know why, but, well, now, for the moment, it's back.

So! Where am I now?!??! A 3rd year's student in UNIMAS as a Biotechnology students, well, I am proud of what I have done, especially for my thesis for Kelampayan. I don't know, perhaps it's just too ambitious, but I am hoping to, perhaps, have a publishable thesis? then again, at FYP level? Ha!!! perhaps it will just remain a dream, i will.

Anyways, It's never too early to dream huh? ^^

I am dead happy that my senior (lab mate) has asked me for a joint co operation in writing up a thesis based on our topics. I really cant wait for it. Just wait till d exams and Final Presentation is over, I do hope to publish something on Kelampayan, hopefully... hahaha...

So much for being a geek, well, It's my final year already!!! Every outing with me pals are all crazy in the least - with shoutings and sickening gestures out in public, we don't really care of the embarassement anymore, well, at least to a certain extent. lolz...

Live has been good, but there are some things that is bugging me, for starters, my job... Don't know when or how.. lolz..

A lil for today...buh bye...ZZzzzz

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