Thursday, January 29, 2009

Wedding Vows

Vows you might want to think of..??









Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Bread recipe.


700 g flour

30g yeast

½ tsp salt


3 eggs

150ml milk

100g sugar/ condensed milk

5-7 ice cubes


250g butter


Raisins, sugar and cinnamon powder mixture.

Grated cheese

Partially grounded mixed nuts

1) Mix ingredients A and then B. Mix everything until roughly combined, forming a slightly sticky dough. (Depending on the humidity of the day, add few spoons of flour if you find the dough too wet or liquidy)

2) Add in ingredient C to the dough and continue kneading until dough is firm and gluteny.

3) Divide to 2 equal portions of the dough. Shape them into a ball and prove it in a warm place of about 40* Celcius for about an hour or until the dough double in size.(Apply some cooking oil on your hand to ease the handling of the dough.)

4) Flatten the proved dough with a rolling pin and roll it into a “Swiss Roll”. ( you can add fillings on the flattened dough)

5) Put the two rolled cylindrical shaped dough side by side and cut into three equal parts before putting them inside your long baking tray.

6) Generously grease your long pan with butter or shortening.

7) Prove again until it doubles in volume.

8) Spray the surface of the dough with water just before baking it.

9) Bake at 180*C for about 30min or until the surface of the bread is golden brown.

10) Let it cool before removing from pan or the bread will collapse.

11) Cut into slices to serve with jam or just as it is. Enjoy!

(p/s : if your oven’s heat source is from both above and below, make sure that your bread is in the middle or your bread might get unevenly baked)

Monday, January 26, 2009

Sematan Trip..

Just got back from Sematan trip with me Christian friends..
Gosh... quite fun..
although only one day..haha...

These are for you..

We had our 'lil picnic at a Police Banglo booked by Bro. Wong.

Nice place..spacious.. room's so good that it feels like you're in a 3 star hotel..or higher..haha

~ A little flooded at the entrace but nothing much to worry~

~And this is our room.. nice and big, huh?~

~Karaoke room as well!!~

~Fridge too..~

~And our lunch here as we arrived.. haha..( Lunch all ready when we arrived..i yo..lucky-nya..hehe..) Kinda nice huh the kitchen? I mean, for a place like this..~

The kids made some sand-ball.. yeah...made from sand.. and fragile..haha

~And it's to the beach after lunch.. all the kids playin' water..
and also the "friest fry among the fries" also having his fair share of the salt water..LOlz~

Typically Malaysians...

~Eh Eh!! NO PORK please....!!

We came back and rested a while and then sisters got ready for dinner... (eat again! Actually I wasn't even hungry when they started dinner..Kinda just stuffed everything offered lil' by lil'.. LolZ..

~Oh!! And Uncle Richard Khoo, Augustine and Bro Song went fishing..
Caught some crabs that's not worth cooking.. too small la..

(Actually ada big one, but two of the biggest got away.. waste..:-d)
So they ended up in the hands of the 'inquisitive yet inhumane kids"
Crab battling until the crabs loose their legs and pincers.. = ="

Then we played cards with the elders..haha.. Talk about bad association huh? haha.. jokin..
We played 'til 'bout 1.30 am.. Then I wanted to go to the beach for a walk. So, Vivian joint me and as we were about to walk by the passage, we saw a snake!! wahaha!!
I thought it might be a sea snake but then i confirmed that it's a Cobra!!
(Doesn't have a flat-ended-tail)

Well over 5 feet long to me, and just 'bout 3 feet away from where we were standing!!! haha..
BOy! Was I excited!! I can't say the same for Vivian.. but, it's a Cobra.. So I didn't dare to go any further.. haha.. Just called it a night..ZZzzZzz..

We had our breakfast..
Enjoyed some chatters... and waited for the overnight downpour to stop or at least settle down a bit before heading home...
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