Saturday, December 26, 2009


Is it so hard to tell... how to express.... All that i know is actually....actually there.'s only one simple thing bugging  me dis whole life, dis pass 6 to 7 years and still, i don.'t know how or what to do or decide because, just because of a damn simple reason, that is....I myself also do not u found your religion, you love that religion, blieve in what you were taught or heard but what YOU want might not and is actually, can never be  what I actually really want or believe  in. It's up to oneself... It really is agonizing deep into my flesh and bones, needing to follow along, trying to like something for  more than 5 that I never ever really liked or love... How can those people keep it going...??! It's pathetic....I am too!      When should I do it? the impact...perhaps I am just extrapolating the matter to the max but that is of possibility...I can't...I dont know....this is why also I find myself happier not being there...I litterally feel noxious being there, even having to listen. Yea....! exaggerating you might think but that really is it.              YES I Have tried to change, shift the winds of the caused seasick but to no avail for more than 5 years!       What is this!!!! almost 4 and still clicking away....Hell...I HAte this!!    WHEN!?.......

Friday, December 25, 2009

What to do....


Monday, November 2, 2009

Soup Anyone?

As you enter a restaurant, you have a sit and you order your food.

"Our soup of the day is Ginseng chicken soup with red dates and lotus root......."

Normally, typical chinese custom is that we tend to automatically order at least a soup among our dishes of fish, veges, meat, etc.

There is nothing wrong with such a diet. In fact, it gives balanced nutrition for us. That, we cannot deny, NUTRIRIONALLY!

However, think of it this way....

When you eat, your stomach juices production and secretion is stimulated and they are meant to digest the SOLID food particle under the appropriate pH condition. What happens when you down a bowl of soup while eating, or perhaps a drink, a cup, just right after swallowing your last mouthful? It would dilute the acid juices inside, making protein and lipid digestion "harder" for trypsin and pepsin works their best at pH 2-3. Now, this would only logically increases gastric juices production and secretion to raise back to the optimum pH level for the enzyme to work optimumly.

Yes, that might not be a big problem for those still young but in the long run, it might be a big problem for your digestive system. For those aged ones, their stomach juices secretion might not be that active anymore and thus, might suffer from dyspepsia aka indigestion and bloating.

So when to drink(liquid consumption) and when not to? It is advised that any liquid intake should be consumed at least about an hour before or after your meal. The MAIN point to remember is to better drink when no digestion of "solid food particles" is underway.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


I have just recently learnt that finishing your meal last among your friends and family are actually healthier!! How can that be possible you might ask?

As asians, our daily meal must include rice, noodle, etc which contains carbohydrate. Where does carbohydrate mainly get digested?

NO! you are wrong! It's inside our mouth, in the presence of amylase in our saliva. So, I can only imagine that eating(meals of carbs in it) in front of the computer, whether you be gaming or working, would actually be healthier for our gut!

As far as starch digestion is concern, eating while "computering" can unknowingly let us chew longer in our mouth while we're at the computer. This spells better breakdown of starch in our mouth to glucose and other simpler saccharides of starch by amylase enzyme. It decreases the chances of indigestion as our stomach juices are meant mainly for protein digestion instead of starch.

All of us heard before that eating whilst watching tv or while playing the computer is bad for digestion. How can that be true scientifically in health wise if what I have reasoned out above is actually of true fact?

.................Correct me if I am wrong..........

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Christians - A thought to ponder.

Praise be to God...
Let him praise God in sick or in good health,
Let him speak of God's word.....
God the almighty.
God bless you...
God is good.
Lord, thank you for all the blessings...
Do you love Him?
Pray to the Lord and He will listen.
God will help you manage through those trying times.
If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it.
The Lord is our Father.

Have you ever stop and wonder despite all these and many other more phrases about God and the Lord, something rather important and of high significance is gravely in miss?

Most Christians or churches just stress it all on "OUR LORD", "OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN", "PRAISE BE TO GOD", etc. If you ever stop and wonder, all these... are these GOD's name? Or does He has one?

Have you ever thought even further that because of this sad fact, perhaps who you are worshiping and put faith in is perhaps actually not THE ONE that all this while you thought is? Wouldn't this put you in a state where you might actually be worshiping Satan masquerading as what you initially or now think of as THE ONE with the current booming of various funny and weird church names being set up by almost anyone?

No offence or any intention of letting any of you astray, but one can only wonder all of this after observing various church goers' attitude and behavior in life, outside of church. Psalms. 83:18 states in one version of the Bible saying, " That people may know that you, whose name is......."
And yet in another scripture of Exodus. 9:16 of the same Bible version reading, "....and in order to have my name declared in all the earth." Isaiah. 42:8 clearly clarifies in this Bible version that, " I am ........ That is my name; and to no one else shall I give my own glory, neither my praise to graven images."

Stop and think. What do you call your parents? Relatives? Yes.....

Mom. Dad, Uncle, Aunty...etc....
But is that their name? Is it now? One with no knowledge of your family can refer the TITLE, "aunty" or "uncle" to almost anyone, even a stranger! Yes!!! Does that mean that the TITLES "GOD", "LORD", "FATHER" has difference in meaning than "uncle" and "aunty" only by higher and lower cases of the alphabet?

So now, the big question of the day is that why mostly, and almost all churches nowadays only stress much on "DEAR FATHER IN HEAVEN", or "DEAR LORD" and others of such phrases and none of God's name? Shouldn't the churches be following what the Bible or God is actually commanding that is to glorify HIS NAME and NOT His TITLE?

Now that we know that they fail to uphold HIS commandments, do you still have unwavering faith for the GOD you believe so much in or are you actually putting your faith in the church instead of your true objective, GOD?

This certainly is one BIG question to ponder upon. This is not misleading information for all are backed and reasoned from the Bible itself.



Why did God's name not being mentioned here at all but substituted with " ....... " ?
Feel free to drop comments for further inquiries.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Should I?

Perhaps i should stop blogging?

I find I have nothing else to blog about.

I find no purpose in blogging.

But last time, I was all about blogging.

why has it changed?

Life is all about changes you say huh?

I have no idea.

There seems to have alot of things that I'm afraid of doing, of confronting.

Wish I had the guts now and here.



Maybe blogging's all about how well one is able to crap whatever craps out to the crappy readers (no offense) of the world?

Lost in my own shadows at time..

Perhaps only time will tell?

long or short
near or far
red or green
pretty and ugly
black and white
good and bad


Friday, July 24, 2009

The Harry Potter- Transformers Equation.


What do you get when :

1 + 2 = 3
2 x 2 = 4
Good + Good = very good
Good + extra Good = Superbly good

What about......

If you get....

Transformers + Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince = Not Bad



That's what you'll get when you add something as spectacular as Transformers and ruin the whole equation with something as damned as the sickeningly lousy, worthless, utterly boringly, absolutely time-wasting piece of crappy, lousy movie!!!

It really ain't worth my money and time and everything for this, so-called infamous Harry Potter movie! This one's a total disgrace from what people thought it was. Now it will only remain as a was. There is and will never be anymore good movies from harry potter. It sucks all the faith and funnel it down the filthy, dark, rubbish-filled drain!!

Hell with Harry Potter...

Time to move on....

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Slower than a snail!!!

If Ya'll could read this post, this means at least the wireless at BRC is still not bad la..

Rubbish!! Line was and is still so slow here at my block. Even worse still in my room!! What kinda line is this....!! aduh.... ADUH!!! Nothing else to say.... haiz..

All the best to everybody!!! Senior liao wo!!! Getting old, man...

Sunday, July 5, 2009

The unfortunate

This is heart breakingly saddening...

You think you're unfortunate enough with troubles? You know nothing yet!!

Click this link (congenital malformation by Vivek Ghapure) and see for yourself the unfortunate of unfortunates...( be warned that the site contains graphical images. Descretion is adviced)

After you've seen all these deformities, you'll start to wonder how brave doctors are and how much under-appreciated they always are by us.

You gotta stop to wonder why these things happen.... how much these victims of such unfortunate happenings suffer in their struggle to live just one day more with the hope of having a more normal and comfortable life through the help of modern surgical advancements and improved surgical methods.

Perhaps it is time to start to get aware of non-profit charitable organizations set-up and give the support and encouragement in which ever way that is proper in aiding these poor friends all around the world!

If you've noticed, all the sufferers are 0f the Indian Communities in India where life is hard and where they struggle even to just have a chance to see the sun rise another day... What more so to say of their capabilities to fee those complicated and expensive medical bills for their treatments? Certainly help from the good-will of the more fortunate all around the world are greatly needed!

Green Ribbon Association Kuching is a non-profitable non-government organization which aids the less fortunate in Kuching to have an improved live. They are all-out more than ever-so-willingly to help anyone hiting the financial brick wall in pursuit of medical treatments.

Guys.... reach out... Help them... for starters..... It will not be unseen...

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Food I cant seem to have enough of..

There's a few things I've noticed that I just cant stop loving'em...

So far... they are...

Sugar Bun's Ice cream cone...( so cheap so nice..walao eh!!!)

Sushi King's....Sushi!! Oh come so nice..haiz..

Sickening.. haha..
Wonder when's the next visit...hmmmmm..(droolin')

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Friendship Park..How Pretty..??

With its cloudy golden yellow evening sky, with green grasses and weeping willow trees and red bottle brush flowers painting a garden all-too-perfect, along with a large reservoir of fish pond, a place where you can see kids running around from one end to another holding fish foods or breads throwing them to the fishes of various colors, size and species, it all seems like a view in dreams for us who are living in todays' modern world.

This might all be just a masquerade. Somewhere at the far ends at the corner of the seemingly almost-perfect painting is all burnt down as irresponsible people of the community, as damned as they are to you and me, so are they to mother nature!

A place so nice that it is being charred by these....

This is just one side of the picture you see.. the other side's even worse! Rubbish rubbish RuBbish EVERYWHERE at the corners of the pond!






Yeah...I know what you're thinking...

You and me both brother!!!

Friendship Park.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sunday market at tHe Spring Shopping Mall

Sunday Market is now in Spring!!

Come take a look!!
Only until the 14th of June...

not much..but...watcha gotta lose?

Friday, June 12, 2009

14th National Education camp at UNIMAS New Campus

14th youth Camp..Well... Drained us all..'s what we've done thru those 4 tired but fun and happy days...haha..

All started....on the....

30th May....

Here we are...alll busy preparing for the participants coming tomoro....some practiced the "sign-lingual-song-thingy".... some did some prep for the decor...etc la....

....There they are...alll taking a tour around UNIMAS, or at least only where the game stations are...

31st May...

The arrival of our beloved little bro and sis.... the PARTICIPANTS!!!
haha...Swarms of them.. all about 120+...

And the formality part....
Opening Ceremony by...
Mr Abang Johari..

Kinda pity the VIPs...have one egg tart, a small piece of butter cheese cake(i think) a cup of orange juice and a pandan pudding cake or something, as refreshments.. hmmm...

although I'm in the food department, but it ain't us who arranged and prepared all those food..
hmmm...well, wat could you expect, right?

At night, after the ceremony, participants had some games we prepared...haha..well, u should've been there.. some were shy enough to be brave to play..
haha.. some were "violent"!!

or rather simply agressive la...lolz

1st June...
Going backwards,
we'll start at the end of the day...
they all going for night walk.. teling them that they'l be walking pass the woods or somtg..somewhere... which actually is just....well... you can see where they are actually walking..lolz..

And even earlier before... during the afternoons...

They had their station games..haha...boy!! did I...WE have fun..!!

AnD EvEN MUch more early......


2nd June...

our breakfast... vegetarian nasi lemak!!! ever heard of? tasted? of a kind i tel u!!

and then...
some more games... this time... brain power!!

After lunch, its time for the closing ceremony.. its our last day...hmmm..sobs..
While waiting for the VIPs..well...some sign-lingual exercise would be most proper...!!

There we are... all in a row ushering the VIPs arrival and his family...

Well.... that's all that we prepared.... months of hard work and preparation from everybody winds down to this point...

Its the end..

....of the camp for this yr..sobs..

And here we are..only committees.. doing the last clean up just before leaving..

See ya'll next year!!


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