Friday, July 24, 2009

The Harry Potter- Transformers Equation.


What do you get when :

1 + 2 = 3
2 x 2 = 4
Good + Good = very good
Good + extra Good = Superbly good

What about......

If you get....

Transformers + Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince = Not Bad



That's what you'll get when you add something as spectacular as Transformers and ruin the whole equation with something as damned as the sickeningly lousy, worthless, utterly boringly, absolutely time-wasting piece of crappy, lousy movie!!!

It really ain't worth my money and time and everything for this, so-called infamous Harry Potter movie! This one's a total disgrace from what people thought it was. Now it will only remain as a was. There is and will never be anymore good movies from harry potter. It sucks all the faith and funnel it down the filthy, dark, rubbish-filled drain!!

Hell with Harry Potter...

Time to move on....

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Slower than a snail!!!

If Ya'll could read this post, this means at least the wireless at BRC is still not bad la..

Rubbish!! Line was and is still so slow here at my block. Even worse still in my room!! What kinda line is this....!! aduh.... ADUH!!! Nothing else to say.... haiz..

All the best to everybody!!! Senior liao wo!!! Getting old, man...

Sunday, July 5, 2009

The unfortunate

This is heart breakingly saddening...

You think you're unfortunate enough with troubles? You know nothing yet!!

Click this link (congenital malformation by Vivek Ghapure) and see for yourself the unfortunate of unfortunates...( be warned that the site contains graphical images. Descretion is adviced)

After you've seen all these deformities, you'll start to wonder how brave doctors are and how much under-appreciated they always are by us.

You gotta stop to wonder why these things happen.... how much these victims of such unfortunate happenings suffer in their struggle to live just one day more with the hope of having a more normal and comfortable life through the help of modern surgical advancements and improved surgical methods.

Perhaps it is time to start to get aware of non-profit charitable organizations set-up and give the support and encouragement in which ever way that is proper in aiding these poor friends all around the world!

If you've noticed, all the sufferers are 0f the Indian Communities in India where life is hard and where they struggle even to just have a chance to see the sun rise another day... What more so to say of their capabilities to fee those complicated and expensive medical bills for their treatments? Certainly help from the good-will of the more fortunate all around the world are greatly needed!

Green Ribbon Association Kuching is a non-profitable non-government organization which aids the less fortunate in Kuching to have an improved live. They are all-out more than ever-so-willingly to help anyone hiting the financial brick wall in pursuit of medical treatments.

Guys.... reach out... Help them... for starters..... It will not be unseen...

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Food I cant seem to have enough of..

There's a few things I've noticed that I just cant stop loving'em...

So far... they are...

Sugar Bun's Ice cream cone...( so cheap so nice..walao eh!!!)

Sushi King's....Sushi!! Oh come so nice..haiz..

Sickening.. haha..
Wonder when's the next visit...hmmmmm..(droolin')