Wednesday, June 22, 2011

No place like home...

After two weeks going across a fraction of a couple of the best provinces of China down to Macau and Hong Kong , one can only imagine of an utterly amazing experience I must have had. Besides, spending 5 days in the Metropolitan city of Hong Kong surely must have met up all of the expectation one might have for a city often heard of its wealth and growth in all aspects.

Well, guess again!!

Don't get me wrong, Hong Kong is, in fact, a nice city, with its culture and developments, as any city is, is indeed an extraordinary place to be. However, one thing is lacking, a civilised mindset.

It surely is a shame. In those few parts of China I visited, you can see locals spitting by the corner of the sidewalk, at the corner outside of their own shop, jumping the queue individually and AS A GROUP (>5 person) and feeling nothing about it even after complains from others in line, talking like shouting especially whilst on the phone, smoking in air-conditioned restaurant despite the "NO SMOKING" sign and occasional rudeness. These are but a few that I can remember and the opportunity that I had observing them for the past 2 weeks. Of course, I expect more...hmmm...

In terms of their hygiene, as a whole, well, with the spitting and all, you be the judge!
However, I should comment on their constant use of chlorine in cleaning their dump site and the walkways of their flats. but then again, such constant use of chlorine can spell microbial resistance and a future crisis...

One things is for sure though, people usually say Hong Kong is a shopping paradise. Well, on the contrary I'd say! In terms of choices and varieties, yes, they have more, much more and some quite nice, but in terms of price, I don't see much of a difference. You can sure find loads of branded shops in Hong Kong, but chances are, if there's no sale going on, you're better of shopping those items back at home, be it in Kuching or KL.

What else... let me see...

For all that is lovely and nice:

1) Hong Kong's pastries
2) Portuguese egg tart
3) Musuems
4) BBQ goose
5) Lou Po Peng
6) Public transports
7) Temples
8) Disneyland
9) Casinos
10) Some spectacular sites
11) Suspended bridges
12) Extraordinarily sweet, humongous, juicy lychees

NOte: For the first time, their local food don't impress my palate at all... Nothing special, nothing much...hmmm...

Overall, a splendid experience, one trip that will aware you of the luxury, hygienic practice, multi-linguality, food-blessed Malaysia...

If there's anyone who doesn't appreciate being a Malaysian, try visiting other parts of ASIA. I'm sure you'll be aware of how fortunate you are, of course, despite all the 'little' things happening. Hei! No country is perfect!!